Serpong Menu

Biscoff Latte Series

  • Biscoff Milk Iced 35
  • Biscoff Coffee Latte Hot 38
  • Biscoff Coffee Latte Iced 42

Immune Boost

  • Empon Latte Hot 32
  • Empon Latte Iced 35

Our Main Menu



We only used specialty grade single origin arabica coffee beans with our house developed roasting profile.


All of our coffee made with Double Ristretto 1:1 extraction. It delivers more complex and intense flavor to you coffee.

  • Espresso 30
  • Long Black Hot / Iced 30/32
  • Piccolo 33
  • Cappucino Hot / Iced 35/38
  • Latte Hot / Iced 35/38
  • Mocha Hot / Iced 38/40
  • Muddy Brown Sugar Latte Iced 38
  • Hazelnut Latte Hot / Iced 38/40
  • Baileys Latte 38/40
  • Salted Caramel Latte 38/40
  • Avocado Latte 38/40
  • Vanilla Iced Coffee 40


  • Affogato 40


  • Black Cold Brew 35
  • Super Berry Cold Brew 38



  • Green Tea 30
  • Black Tea 30
  • White Tea 32
  • Dreamy Vanilla 35
  • Rose Garden 35
  • Lavish Mango 35
  • Spring Fling 35
  • Berry harvest 35
  • Sunny Beach 35


  • Iced Yuzu Tea 35
  • Iced Peach Tea 35
  • Iced Lychee Tea 35
  • Iced Black Tea 25


  • Deep Blue Sea 37
  • Amyrea Elixir 37
  • Lychee Mojito 37


  • Chocolate Hot / Iced 38/40
  • Matcha Latte Hot / Iced 32/35
  • Hojicha Latte Hot / Iced 32/35
  • Taro Latte Hot / Iced 32/35


  • Natural Water 15
  • Sparkling Water 25


  • El Diablo 45


Omuballs 48
Egg omelette, meatballs and potato wedges.

Amyrean Breakfast 70
Multi seed bread, beef bratwurst sausage, scrambled egg, apple and mushroom with blackpepper sauce and mixed salad

Triple Cheese Toast 48
Wheat bread, mozarella, cheddar, parmesan and smoked beef bits.

Egg Benedict
English muffin, poached eggs topped with holandaise sauce and mixed salad.

  • Smoked Beef 60
  • Smoked Salmon 75
  • Mushroom 55


Caesar Salad
Baby romaine lettuce, tomato cherries, croutons, hard boiled egg, house dressing.

  • Chicken 60
  • Smoked Salmon 75

Thai Beef Salad 75
Australian sirloin beef, romaine and mixed lettuce, tomato cherries, onion, thai dressing


Garlic Parmesan Fries 40
French fries with fried garlic, grated parmesan and nori.

Nachos Bolognese 50
A thick and meaty bolognese sauce served over a layer of corn chips. Topped with cheese and sour cream.

Banana Fritter 35
Fried banana with caramel sauce

Fried Fish Cake 40
Deep fried Spanish Mackarel fish cake with chili mayo sauce

Sweet Potato Fries 40

Mozarella Sticks 45

Chicken Wings 50
Deep fried chicken tulips with honey barbecue sauce

Salmon Bruschetta 55
Smoked salmon, whipped feta on multi seed baguette.


Imported Italian Semolina Durum Wheat Pasta.

Spaghetti Aglio Olio
Fresh garlic, olive oil and parmesan.

  • Chicken and mushroom 65
  • Smoked beef and mushroom 65
  • Shrimp and mushroom 75

Fettuccine Meatballs 65
Creamy and rich mushroom sauce served with homemade meatballs.

Fettucinne Marinara 75
Fettucini with marinara sauce with diced white fish and shrimp

Spaghetti Carbonara
Creamy carbonara sauce and shaved grana padano.

  • Smoked Beef 65
  • Smoked Salmon 75

Spaghetti Bolognese 65
Classic beef ragu sauce, cherry tomato and shaved grana padano

Spaghetti Pesto con Pollo 65
Chicken, mushroom, cherry tomato with basil pesto sauce.

Spaghetti Tom Yam 75
Shrimp, mushroom, lemongrass with tom yam sauce.


Fish and Chips 70
Deep fried Dory served with tartar sauce, salsa, french fries and salad.

Sirloin Steak 140
200 gr Australian sirloin beef served with potato wedges and salad

Chicken Parmigiana 70
Breaded chicken breast with tomato sauce, mozarella and parmesan cheese served with potato wedges and salad.

Dory Garlic Cream 70
Pan seared Dory served with garlic cream sauce, potato wedges and salad.

Amyrean Burger
Beef patty, champignon mushroom, mozarella, salad and french fries.

  • English Muffin 70
  • Brioche Bun 75

Zurcher Geschnetzeltes 70
Sliced chicken breast with cream sauce and champignon mushroom, butter rice.

Asian Delight

Fried Rice
Fried rice served with sunny side up eggs and mixed salad.

  • Chicken 65
  • Shrimp 75

Oriental Beef 75
100 gr Australian beef, shimeji mushroom, onion, poached egg and butter rice.

Balsamic Teriyaki Beef 75
100 gr Australian sirloin beef drizzled with balsamic teriyaki sauce served with butter rice. shimeji mushroom and salad

Curry Katsu Rice 65
Deep fried chicken katsu served with curry sauce, butter rice.


Hand tossed crispy thin crust pizza 30 cm / 6 slice. Processing time: 20 min+

Pepperoni 90
Pizza Sauce, pepperoni, tomato and mozarella.

Cheese Lovers 85
Pizza sauce, cheddar, cream cheese, grana padano and mozarella

Pollo Verde 90
Pesto sauce, chicken breast, champignon mushroom and rocket

Meat Craver 95
White sauce, onion, mushroom, sausages, smoke beef, mozzarella.

Giardino Verde 85
Pesto sauce, black olive, cherry tomato, onion, salad and mozarella

Classico Italiano 90
Pizza sauce, black olives, rocket, beef ragu, onion and mozarella.

Al Funghi 85
Pizza sauce, champignon and shimeji mushroom, mozarella.

Kids Menu

Special handcrafted meal for children only. Processing time: 20 min+

Kitten and Fish 55
Homemade butter rice served with breaded Dory and tartar sauce.

Swimming Bear 55
Homemade butter rice served with sliced chicken breast with cream sauce and mushroom

Omelette Blanket 50
Homemade butter rice served with egg omelette and minced chicken breast.

Playfull Puppy 55
Homemade butter rice served with meatballs and mozarella cheese.

Bear Pizza 60
Crispy thin crust pizza with classic bolognese sauce, cheddar cheese, mozarella.

Cat Pizza 60
Crispy thin crust pizza with white sauce, smoke beef, sausages, mozzarella cheese.

Sheep Pizza 60
Crispy thin crust pizza with cheddar cheese, cream cheese, grana padano, mozarella.